With Nifted’s displays and corresponding mobile app, you can exclusively and seamlessly showcase the NFTs you own. The product’s versatility allows you to display a single or several NFTs on an endless loop and will change the way we view and own digital collectibles going forward.

Our Mission

Nifted’s mission is to bridge the gap between the physical world and the digital landscape that NFT’s have helped expand. Art in all its forms is meant to be shown off proudly, and with Nifted’s ever-growing catalog of different-sized displays, NFT owners across the globe will have the opportunity to show off their personally-owned digital collection in whatever fashion they choose.

Our Products

Desk Series (1st Edition)

Desk Series (1st Edition)


The NIFTED 1E Desk Series Display truly bridges the gap between the physical and virtual, connecting users with their own collection of privately-owned NFTs. This updated version of our Early Access Display provides owners with the best opportunity to make an exhibit out of their NFT collection. The 1E is a sleek 6.5-inch touchscreen and coincides with the free-to-download NIFTED mobile app.

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Wall Series (Early Access)

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Wall Series (Early Access)


The NIFTED Early Access Wall Series Display supersizes the desk options into something NFT owners can mount on any wall. The display is a 27” inch screen that is framed in one of several color options and shows all the same descriptions and metrics as our prior models – just in a bigger and better way. As with all displays, the Wall Series is compatible with the free-to-download NIFTED mobile app.

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Desk Series (Early Access)

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Desk Series (Early Access)


The NIFTED Early Access Desk Series Display is the first working prototype in our desk series displays. It is a 5x7” display with a 7” touch screen and coincides with the free-to-download NIFTED mobile app. This display is primarily focused on the functionality of the product over the aesthetics of it.

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The past, present and future of Nifted

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Jun 2021

Sept 2021

Oct 2021

Nov 2021

Dec 2021

Jan 2022

Launch of Desk Series - Early Access

Early Adopter Displays were launched and sold out in 120 seconds. The Early Adopter Role was given to those who purchased the display giving them access to a private discord and future discounts.

Launch of Desk Series - 1E

September 8th is the launch of the Nifted Desk Series - 1E: 6.5 Inch display with a sleek metal casing and a rechargeable USB-C port.

Continued integration with Evaluate.Market

Part of the Nifted Experience is the ability to customize the overlays for your NFTs/Moments. WIth further integration with Evaluate Market, we look to bring in more displayable metrics along with the ability to customize location, color, and size.

Launch of Wall Series - Early Access (Limited Access)

In November we will launch the pre-order for the Early Access Wall Series. The 27 in. display will be the prototype version of the Wall Series 1E dropping early 2022.

Launch of Desk Series - XL (Limited Access)

Early December we will launch the Desk Series XL. The XL is the larger version of the Desk Series with a 10 in. screen size. For those who are looking for a larger Desk Series option, the XL is for you.

Launch of Nifted Wall Series - 1E

To kick off the new year, the Wall Series - 1E finally drops: the Nifted 27 in. high quality, mountable, wall display.